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Moving Forward – Slowly

July 23, 2010
Highmark Caring Place

Highmark Caring Place

For the past 5 years I have been working at the Highmark Caring Place, which is a center for grieving children, adolescents and their families.  We provide support to children and families after they experience the death of a loved one.

In that time, we have had two executive directors, each with very different styles (one very hands on and one very hands off) and I have answered to 3 different bosses.  One of the things that I have grown to appreciate is our effort to continue to move forward as an organization.  Being involved in creating our core values as an organization, I have had the opportunity to get to the heart of what we do and spending time with the children and families I have seen the results of our hard work.

Recently I lead a charge to redesign our website (  Our old site was difficult to update and had remained pretty static for the previous 3 years. Now that the site is up, we still need to work out how to keep it fresh and updated.  The good news is that the site is more fluid than the previous version and can be navigated more easily. 

Now, after about 3 years of jumping up and down and waving my hands,  we are finally moving into the scary world of social media. It has taken much preparation to get the organization ready to make the jump, we are almost ready to make that leap.  The way nonprofits use technology is something I get excited about.  Doing the research to prove it is necessary is less exciting, but I have discovered so much more than I already knew.  As we continue to move forward I will update on our progress.

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