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Just Watched: Exit Through the Gift Shop

July 28, 2010


I cannot say enough good things about Banksy’s Exit through the Gift Shop.  I love documentaries, street art, and comedy, the movie included all of these, so I was a happy little camper.

Beyond the entertainment value, the movie really got me thinking about many things.  The first of which is, perception is reality. In the movie Theirry “Mr Brainwash” Guetta (MBW) is able to convince people that he is the next big thing in art, before he actually produces anything. MBW was able to get a cover article in LA Weekly before he ever hung a piece of art in a gallery. Through relentless and shameless self promotion MBW made himself a big deal.

To me, a lesson can be taken from MBW for all businesses and NGOs, if you want to be important and recognized, make yourself important and recognizable. Repetition is vitally important, and some over the top antics don’t hurt either.

The other thing I was reminded of after watching Exit is that art is a sham. This has been said by many.  Banksy, more than any other artist in the past decade has really made people question what is art? This movie continues to leave the viewer asking.

Actually the movie leaves viewers asking if the film, the story, and Mr. Brainwash are even real or just pawns in Banksy’s latest prank.  To me, it doesn’t matter, I enjoyed it. And I think that is what the biggest take-away from Exit should be… create art, buy art, and view art based on what you personally like.  Art is inside of us.

Watch the Trailer:

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