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Over the Cliff

August 30, 2010

I’ve spent much time preparing, researching, and educating others in my organization about the importance of social media.  My hope was to convince the decision makers that this was a necessary endeavor.  I convinced them. Now what?

One critical mistake, I didn’t think beyond getting the green light.  Years of pushing a boulder up a hill, I didn’t think about what was going to happen at the top. We’re there, and now there is a run away boulder.  In a matter of days, the Caring Place has gone from “we will eventually do social media”  to “we need to have 10,000 likes in 2 months.”  (Why 10,000?) Watch out everyone and everything below!  

In an effort to document what goes well and what doesn’t I will be following the process through this blog.  There are plenty of good resources available that will be utilized throughout the process, including, Beth Kanter’s Blog.  I will share others I find along the way. 

Let the Quest to 10,000 begin.

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