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Team Assembled

September 6, 2010

Going from zero to 10,000 in two months, is a goal better achieved as a team effort, not a solo mission.  The committee used to look into social media and the communication habits of teens was shrunk to make a nimble team that could move fast and react quickly.  Coming from an organization that has been working around a specific model for over a decade, a certain amount of bravery is needed as we begin to explore uncharted territory.

We have chosen a four man team.  Each member brings something different and very valuable to this journey.  Our team consists of, The Director – able to make instantaneous decisions and put them in motion with the swoop of her finger, The Communications Specialist – with words like weapons he can craft on-point and on-brand messaging with a dangerous back arsenal, The Community Organizer – with contacts and allies around every corner, her years of building connections have led to a small army waiting in the wings ready to come out when needed, and me, The Marketing Specialist – years in the trenches as the idea generator with an interest in emerging technologies and a slight case of ADD.

As this team has recently formed, we have started with several accomplishments, but even more tasks to finish.  Push on we will.

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