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Mixing Business and Pleasure Managing Your Personal and Professional Brand in Social Media

March 18, 2011

Good Morning!! At the NonProfit Technology conference, 7am is too early for any conference session.  But let’s do this! #11ntcbrand

Okay, many people use social media both personally and professionally, there is much overlap.  Is that good? Bad? How do you deal with the overlap? continues to be mentioned among early technology adopters. hummmmm.

Farra Trompeter from Big Duck – The question is.. WHO ARE YOU??  I am a ____ in ____ for ___. -This is your personal statement.

What comes up when you google yourself?  Claim your name on different networks.  Register your name as a domain.  Listen some tools: Twilert allows you to then respond.  to help you select tools based on your goals.

One of my bisggest pet peeves is people with two facebook pages.  Don’t do it!  Use privacy settings to manage who sees what.  You are one person.

Measure your social capital.

What you write can be read by everyone/anyone.  Personal example from speaker, Judi Sohn: lawsuit against school because of daughter, and lawyers pulled up everything and all comments. Clearly defined focus, set boundaries, speak to one person, wear professional hat separately.

Don’t just repeat company pr, never mention a competitor except to praise, never mention colleague except to praise them, open season on vendors and consultants, be honest.  No conflict of interest.

Danielle Brigida (@starfocus)  Risks of “Personal Brand” ?? Common fears: Stalked, fired, risk funding, caught making a mistake, ignored, ivolved in a touchy public conversatin, stuck in your current job. Fear of harming family. Apologize immediately, if you’ve offended anyone. Find your funders and engage them, don’t hid from them out of fear of loosing them.

Your passion is incredible and worth sharing if you can bring it into your work that is awesome…unstoppable maybe.

It’s okay to be yourself and still represent your organization.

How do you make your personal brand not feel like a part time job?  Love what you are doing! Is that too simple, perhaps, but should help guide what you do.

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